Kingston’s Story

In 2014, at the age of 4 my oldest son was diagnosed with enlarged adenoids with a treatment recommendation of surgical removal. We were assured this was a very common, routine procedure and he would bounce back quickly. Easy peasey.

Except, sending my 4 year old into surgery, no matter how routine, didn’t sit right with me. I did not follow my unsettled feeling when it came to his vaccines and that is how I ended up thinking I was watching my 2 year old die as he had a seizure in reaction to a shot. Waiting for an ambulance as I stared at my pale, breathless baby is as fresh in my memory today as it was then. Sometimes I take a few good kicks to the rear to learn a lesson, but that one is still fresh and clear, “follow your gut regarding your children no matter what anyone else is telling you”. And this time my gut was telling me, surgery, at least for now, is not the right answer for us. If God put it in our body there must be a reason its meant to be there.

If you are anything like me, you might be asking, “What’s an adenoid anyway?”. I honestly had never heard the word before. Your adenoids are part of your immune system. You are born with them as babies and they continue to grow and help fight off offenders while your immune system strengthens. When you are sick they enlarge as they are attacking the invading germs and when you are well they return to their normal size. Some time around the age of 5-7, your immune system doesn’t need it’s training wheels anymore and your adenoids start to shrink. For most people, by the time you reach adulthood they are completely gone.

Based off this tiny bit of information I began to think, if Kingston’s are in a constant state of enlargement they must be in a continual battle against something in his body. If I remove the adenoids than he will be able to breath correctly through his nose again, but the underlying issue causing his inflammation will still exist and potentially cause more problems elsewhere in his body. His enlarged adenoids are not the root of the problem. But what is?

To go along with his diagnosis he had also started complaining about belly aches for a few months. We started him on a twice daily dose of probiotics and it helped, but if he missed taking them the belly aches returned. And on top of those two internal body issues it was becoming increasingly clear that he had a severe speech delay. Are these all related?

Countless hours of researching later, I discovered that yes in fact they are all related. Due to his adenoids being enlarged he was not able to properly breath through his nose, making him a chronic “mouth breather”. Though we’ve all encountered “these people” in our lives and their loud breathing might be annoying, it actually leads to a host of other ailments. Most notably in Kingston’s case it was effecting the shape of his mouth. Because his mouth was always hanging open, his cheeks were always pushing in and without the counter balance of his tongue pushing against his teeth this was causing his jaw to elongate, leading to a narrow palette and teeth crowding. Unable to position his tongue correctly in his narrow mouth, he was unable to make sounds correctly and speak at a level consistent with his age.

Well that explains his speech, but what do the belly aches have to do with his nose? More researching led me to understand that food allergies and gut disorders can often manifest in your sinuses. He never showed signs of food allergies as a baby. Has something developed over time, and if so what is it and why? I know what I’m about to proclaim is controversial and many will disagree and that’s okay. But after reading article after article on the MMR vaccine, I 100% believe that vaccine (and most likely the others as well) have done damage to the inside of Kingston, most recognizably in his stomach. If his seizure, after one dose (we stopped all vaccines after that), was only the outward sign of the chaos it was causing on the inside, I can only imagine what harm it has done that we can’t see with our bare eyes.

Based off this revelation, I again turned back to researching how to naturally cure Kingston. I discovered blog after blog of people claiming they had cured “incurable” diseases through nutrition. Now I didn’t know these people, I had no way to prove they were who they said they were, but what did we have to lose by experimenting with whole foods instead of drugs and surgery? It certainly would be better for us as a whole and cheaper on our bank account as well.

At the end of September we embarked on a diet overhaul to put it lightly (Whole 30). We cut out all grains (including rices, quinoa, and starches), corn, soy, dairy, sugar (including natural ones like honey and maple syrup), beans, peanuts, and ingredients that are often found in “healthy” foods that are actual bad for you (like carrageenan). It’s amazing what you’ll find when you start reading labels, check your “natural” kids toothpaste for instance.

I began making their bath soap and our laundry soap as well.  I wanted to control to the best of my abilities anything that came in contact with his body.

During his nightly baths we also started incorporating epsom salts and Purification oil to help support healthy body function.

And you know what? We started seeing changes almost immediately. By the first week his tantrums had dropped by 80% and the ones that still happened went from lasting 30 minutes to a few minutes. His good nature started to return. Things I had written off as the never ending “terrible threes” were fading.

By the second week his school teacher was commenting that she didn’t know what we were doing, but it was working. His non-stop disruptions for tissues had slowed to a minimum.

By the fourth week, they no longer needed the box of tissues they used to have to keep by his seat at all times. I became able to tell within 30 minutes if he had been given sugar by someone. His temperament would immediately change. Some people will say that sugar causing kids to be crazy is a bunch of malarky, but I’m here to tell you it is 100% percent true in my child.

As we were finishing his fourth week on our new diet and lifestyle changes we started seeing a nutritionist. This is when we learned Kingston was allergic to cheese and sugar (now those sugar meltdowns make sense). He is now on a whole food supplement plan along with our grain, dairy, sugar free diet.

This is where we currently stand with our natural treatment plan. Though taking this path is not easy (cooking is so not my favorite thing to do, pizza still calls my name on an exhausting day), I feel encouraged we are on the right path and that eventually whether it be this year, next year or the next, Kingston will have his own powerful story to tell of how nutrition and clean living, and a whole lot of prayers restored him to complete and total health.